Dialight-Stainless_Steel_LinearDialight's new stainless steel linear LED fitting is designed to reduce maintenance needs in hazardous areas as a replacement for conventional Ex fluorescent fittings. Available in both 32W and 64W versions (2x18W and 2x36W fluorescent equivalents) and carrying IECEx/ATEX Zone 1 certification, the 316 grade stainless steel linear LED fitting is D Shock compliant to MOD specification BR8470 to Grades C and D. Highly durable and resistant to shock, vibration and corrosion, the fitting incorporates an exclusive and replaceable integrated power supply that is guaranteed to give maintenance-free performance for at least five years and, unlike the fluorescents it replaces, will not suffer from end of life failures. Carrying a five-year unconditional continuous performance warranty, the linear LED fitting will vastly reduce dangerous and costly maintenance and Ex inspection needs in inaccessible and testing environments particularly common offshore, but also in oil and gas, power generation, chemical and pharmaceutical, water treatment and mining applications.