Kason Centri-sifter centrifugal dewatering separatorKason Corp.’s adjustable, inclined CENTRI-SIFTER centrifugal dewatering separator with a non-traditional internal feed auger significantly extracts more moisture than conventional separators while increasing capacity. Unlike horizontal units that rely on short augers to feed moisture-laden material into a cylindrical screening chamber and rotating paddles to centrifugally dewater the solids and propel them through the chamber, the dewatering separator can be inclined up to 40 degrees to increase the dwell time of material within the chamber, and accordingly, the drainage rate of free liquid.  Raising the outlet end of the cylindrical chamber also causes moisture to remain near the downhill inlet of the cylindrical screen increasing the dryness of the discharged solids. A full length, low-pitched auger moves high loadings of material into and through the inclined cylinder longitudinally, while the rotating high-pitched paddles impart centrifugal force, moving the material in a spiral path through the cylinder.