Plastics recycling in Europe is firmly set on the right track to improve performance and results, according to Plastics Recyclers Europe, the professional body representing the industry.

Recycling rates of plastics in Europe are on the rise, the organization announced at its annual meeting in Amsterdam at the end of November. Apart from better recycling performance, Plastics Recyclers Europe was also proud to announce that the total number of its members had reached 114 companies from across the continent.

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Speaking about the future trends in the plastics recycling industry, the organization's president Ton Emans commented that the next few years will bring dramatic changes to the market. One of the top priorities for the industry will be to create a market for recycled plastics, facilitating the diversion of recyclable plastics from landfills and further increasing recycling rates in Europe.

Emans pointed out that the obstacles to using recycled plastics need to be eliminated during the next revision of the European Union's waste management legislation. The public consultation for the European Commission's proposed changes clearly shows that European consumers want to see sustainable plastics that can be recycled after use. It is the duty of European lawmakers to translate these requests into new legislation, he concluded.