Hapman low-clearance bulk bag unloaderHapman’s new Low-Clearance Bulk Bag Unloader is engineered to operate in low-ceiling facilities where standard unloaders either won’t fit or are difficult to use. Wherever a forklift has trouble maneuvering against a ceiling for bag change outs, the Low-Clearance Bulk Bag Unloader can be safely and easily moved into place. Because other models require forklift operators to raise the top section many centimeters over the base to balance it on corner posts while visually obstructed by the bulk bag, Hapman engineers designed an all-new, patent-pending slide rail configuration that’s easy to assemble and requires no additional headroom. Integrated UHMW-lined troughs with fork guides permit operators to glide the sections into position reliably and accurately. Sturdy slide rails on the base wrap around the I-beam glides, securely holding them in place for increased safety during assembly and operation.