McCrometer FPI Mag electromagnetic flow meterWith its new rugged Quick Connect Cable, the advanced FPI Mag™ electromagnetic flow meter from McCrometer is easier than ever to install and set-up for use. Featuring an innovative meter design, McCrometer’s FPI Mag flow meter takes accuracy and ease-of-use to a new level. With its precision multi-point flow sensing technology and efficient hot tap installation method, which eliminates the need for extra labor, heavy equipment, or line shut down, this next generation mag meter delivers superior performance, convenience and installation cost savings of up to 45 percent.

Now available with Quick Connect cabling, the FPI Mag flow meter’s set up process is simplified even further. The easily detachable Quick Connect Cable can be sent to the plant ahead of the sensor to allow for advance completion of wiring assembly work prior to sensor installation. Once the prep work is done, technicians can quickly install the sensing element without having to carry or manipulate extended lengths of heavy cable. Disconnect is also easy should the cable need to be removed from the sensor for maintenance or any reason.