Flexicon mobile bulk bag filling systemFlexicon Corp.'s mobile Bulk Bag Filling System features an integral metal detector/separator and a tilt-down conveyor/feeder for dust-free filling at multiple locations. A patented Twin-Centerpost™ Bulk Bag Filler detects metal in the free-fall stream of material entering the filler and then ejects it. The filler is also equipped with: fill head height adjustment; inflatable cuff to seal the bag inlet spout; blower to remove bag creases; load cells for filling by weight; vent port for dust-free air displacement; pneumatically retractable bag hooks; and automated vibratory densification/deaeration system. A tilt-down Flexible Screw Conveyor on a caster-mounted frame, which mates with the bulk bag filler's base frame, can be maneuvered through narrow aisles and standard doorways and orients the conveyor tube horizontally for easy removal of the flexible screw for cleaning and inspection. A reverse pulse cleaning system accumulates dust and returns it top the hopper.