Process-Sensors_thermal-imaging-cameraThe newly improved, fully radiometric PSC- Surveyor thermal imaging camera series offers remarkable 125hz speed with high resolution 384×288 pixel FPA detector in an ultra-compact design. The Surveyor cameras with new state-of-the-art optical and electronic design uses USB 2.0 interface for real time thermography and infrared video recording with a 125 Hz frame rate. Ethernet ready connectivity is offered for long distance transmission and the use of I/O modules with multiple relays, voltage or current outputs for process control applications. User selectable shapes can be assigned to specific areas ( ROI’s – Regions of Interest ) that can be overlaid on top of the displayed thermal image which can be used to control temperature of multiple areas across the target. The Surveyor camera has a very small footprint, is water proof and can be equipped with exchangeable optics of 6, 31, 48 or 72 degrees with adjustable focus capabilities. Equipped with a wide temperature range from -20 to 900 C, the surveyor camera system fully integrates a measurement and control scheme for detecting hot or cold spots of bulk materials on conveyor belts. Additional industrial process measurement applications include plastic, paper, rubber, textile, wood, coal, glass, solar cell and semiconductor processes, metal treatment and ladle /furnace shell measurements.