Haver Filling Systems Topline 2000The TOPLINE 2000 from Haver Filling Systems, Inc. is ideal for packaging free-flowing granulated products into pre-fabricated open-mouth bags. Compact in size yet big on production, the TOPLINE 2000 fits even the smallest spaces while still achieving filling speeds of up to 30 bags per minute, with one filling spout.

The TOPLINE 2000 is designed for use by nearly any manufacturer of granulated products, such as pet food, fertilizer or rice. The machine can be equipped with either a vertical empty bag magazine for tight spaces or a horizontal empty bag magazine suitable for higher storage capacities. Both options are easily re-fillable without interruption to the filling process. To further increase flexibility, the TOPLINE 2000 can fill paper or plastic bags and can be fit with one of four optional closing systems: sewing, taping, hot-melt activating or heat sealing.