Haver Filling Systems ADAMS 12 powder fillingHaver Filling Systems, Inc. has enhanced its industry-proven technology for even greater powder filling speeds in plastic bags. The ADAMS 12 boosts filling to 33 bags per minute, making it the fastest powder filling bagger on the market for plastic bags. The machine provides users a competitive advantage by offering high filling speeds of powder product without sacrificing quality. Constructed with form fill seal (FFS) technology and a high-speed rotating filling process, the ADAMS 12 not only delivers consistently high filling rates, but also provides the premium appearance, durability, longer shelf life and cleanliness of plastic bags. Once products are packaged by the ADAMS 12, durable plastic bags withstand shipping and storing abuse and provide a cleaner product for retailers. While traditional paper bags may tear and leave powder covering the outside of the bag or store aisles — which costs money in terms of lost material and labor for cleaning up messes — plastic bags eliminate those worries. Plastic bags also repel moisture and can be stored indoors or outdoors multiple times longer than traditional paper.