Parker-Hannifin-PTFEParker Hannifin's Stainless Steel Braided Convoluted Hose Assemblies contain a virgin PTFE convoluted core tube in natural or conductive (static dissipative). PTFE hoses are less susceptible to cracking from stress or flexing than metal hoses and when conducting flex tests, obtained 1 million flex cycles without stress cracking. Parker PTFE convoluted tubing is manufactured with a smooth, rounded, helical-shaped convolution to promote easy cleaning and self draining. Parker offers stainless steel braided convoluted hose in a standard wall (SCW hose), a heavy wall core tube(SCWV hose has up to 33% more PTFE) and in specialty low profile hose designed to carry up to 15% more flow. The core tube in all of these hoses is designed with an open pitch style to provide additional kink resistance and reduced permeation. The heavier wall also allows for vacuum applications at elevated temperatures to be serviced. Parker SCW and SCWV hose assemblies are available from the PAGE product line in Fort Worth, Texas. Sizes range from 1/4” up to 4” ID and operate in temperatures up to 500 F/260 C. Available in hose assemblies or in bulk hose. Fittings, collars and other hose accessories available upon request.