Gericke NibblerThe Gericke Nibbler, distributed throughout North America by Powder Technologies (PTI), offers the combination of integrated paddles and suitable screens to reduce lumps and agglomerates to the desired size needed for the process. Similar to a centrifugal sifter or mill, the Nibbler offers significantly higher torque and force while maintaining a paddle circumferential speed of less than 1m/s. As a result, no dusts or fines are formed, allowing the Nibbler to function effectively in hazardous areas.

In the Nibbler, products pass vertically from the top of the machine to the bottom and the rotating paddles force the product through the hole in the screen until the desired size granule is achieved. The screen can be pulled out of the machine for easy cleaning, and automatic clean-in-place applications flood and wash the unit perfectly.

The net benefits to production are significant, including a reduction in mixing time and energy input as a result of working with finer powders; more uniform heating, melting or dissolution; and improved pneumatic transfer. The Nibbler is suitable to many applications working with raw products such as urea/carbamide/carbonyl diamide, instant breakfast drinks, sugar, plastic chips, disulphide, epoxy resin and magnesium fluoride to name a few. Even suspensions can be treated with the Nibbler, but trial runs are recommended.