Mouvex Enterprise Series Vane CompressorsMouvex® designed the E140 and E170 models of its Enterprise Series Vane Compressors to increase the range of flow rates currently being offered its Mouvex Enterprise Series compressors. the E140 and E170 models also incorporate a variety of upgrades that make them ideal for a wide variety of high-pressure applications. The major technological advancement in the E140 and E170 Enterprise Series compressors is the incorporation of an upgraded suction hose, which includes new ends that have been engineered from ultra-resistant material to prevent perforation. They are adjustable to multiple configurations and have been secured by a heat shrinkable sleeve preventing waterproof deft. Other improvements in the E140 and E170 compressors include a stainless steel discharge flange, check relief valve coated (black) and new orange color and Mouvex label for easy identification.